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Selasa, 05 Januari 2016

We were just given The Versatile Blogger Award! I'll take it! :)

Thank you Aimee from Classified:Mom for presenting me with this award.
I really appreciate it! :) If you haven't already, you should stop by her
blog and follow her. She's got some awesome ideas!

The rules after excepting this award:
Thank the person who awarded you.
 Divulge 7 things about yourself.
Award 15 discovered bloggers.
7 Things About Me:
I must have coffee in the morning.
I feel so lucky to have an amazing husband and two wonderful mini schnauzers.
I love love love music! It's on pretty much all day!
I'm originally from West Virginia.
I  spent the past two summers on a lake wakeboarding and wakeskating.
I want to go to Europe... like right now.
I've done indoor skydiving. I will never do the real thing.
Now for the part that is so difficult for me. 15 blogs that I need to chose.
If you did not make this list, please know that I still think you are the best!

And The Versatile Blogger Award goes to..................
 Learning Ideas K-8
The Organized Classroom
A Fly on the Classroom Wall
Blogging With Goodly Intentions
Pre-K Pages
Two Children and a Migraine
Little Lucy Lu
Style 'n Decor Deals
Adventures at Greenacre
My 2 cents
Our Creative Hands Blog
Peace Love & Owls
Tanya Treasure Trove
Teaching Happily Ever After

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