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Selasa, 05 Januari 2016

A few days ago I cam across Hilary Lewis' classroom behavior bead idea. I thought that this was such a fantastic idea that I wanted to share it with others! I know my kindergarteners would have loved this! So without further ado... here is Hilary Lewis from 2nd Graders Rock! explaining her behavior beads!
Thanks so much for sharing this with us Hilary!

I woke up this morning thinking about Behavior Beads.  I just started using these in my classroom as another incentive for good behavior (yes, I said another!) I’ve been teaching 25 years and behavior is still the #1 problem in my classroom...if it isn’t in yours, then I really need to plan a field trip for the teacher!  Anyway, for the most part the kids are awesome...until it is TRANSITION time!  Walking in the halls, going to recess or specials...craziness!  So, along with my behavior sticks that can be pulled for bad behavior, I have added a positive reward for good behavior!

Each child has 3 sticks at the beginning of each day, if they keep those sticks, they earn 3 beads for that day, 2 sticks=2 beads, etc.  When the kids earn 15 beads, they may make a keychain for their backpacks!

Each child has a small jewelry baggy that holds the beads they have earned.  It has their name on it and I keep them a sentence pocket chart with the kids’ names in ABC order.  That makes it easier when I go to fill the baggies.  I also don’t fill the baggies each day...I keep track of who has lost a stick so that I know how many beads to put in on Friday afternoon.  If the kids have enough beads to make a keychain, they get to do that on Monday...if they don’t, then they must wait until the following Monday.
We put the keychains on their backpacks...everyone is so excited to see how many keychains they can get before the end of the year.
Now, I know what you are thinking...all those beads?!  What about the money!  Well, I found bags of 400 beads at The Dollar Tree in a variety of colors.  Then, I waited until I found some on sale at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby...AND of course I had a coupon...then I bought some fun beads and some dangles.  I did also need to get cord and tiny metal rings, but they weren’t too expensive either.  For each key chain the kids get one FUN bead and one Dangle.  Some of the fun beads I got were hearts, stars, footballs, basketballs, letters, etc.  Since they only get one of these for each keychain, I shouldn’t have to buy them for a long while....and of course, I bought about a million bags of plain beads!  :)
AND...the best thing is...Behavior is SO MUCH BETTER!  That’s what I’m talking about!

-Hilary Lewis
1. I keep the bags that hold the beads in a pocket chart.

 2. Each child has their own baggy and place on the pocket chart.

 3. These are the beads that I got at The Dollar Tree. 400 beads for just $1!

4. These are some of the Special Beads. The kids get one of these each week.

5. More beads and some of the rings to make the keychain.

6. This small ring at the end of the keychain hooks onto the backpack keyring.

7. The beads need to have a big hole so the kids can get the cord through them.

8. An adult does help with tying the dangle on so that it will all stay together.
   I trimmed the ends of the keychain, but I think keeping a little extra is a good idea.

Check out the Behavior Beads...I think I’ll be good for beads for a few years...ya think?  AND, I have more in the closet!   :)

Hilary Lewis is a 2nd grade teacher in Carmel, Indiana. She enjoys creating teaching materials that are educationally sound and that foster independence in her students. She also strives to create items that are quick and easy to use. She knows how important it is for teachers to have time for themselves and for their families.  You can check out more awesome ideas and some free samples of her learning materials at her blog:

2nd Graders Rock!

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