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Selasa, 05 Januari 2016

The hubby and I headed to Earth Day Dallas on Saturday. There were lots of vendors, organizations, and entertainment for all to enjoy.

On our way to Earth Day Dallas. I don't know why I can't drive through the city without taking a picture. I guess I still can't believe we live somewhere like this.  This picture doesn't do these buildings justice!

One of the organizations that we talked with at the Earth Day event was REAL school gardens. I had never heard of this organization before but am totally in love with their mission:

REAL School Gardens cultivates relationships with elementary school communities to create learning gardens that raise hope, spark imaginations and connect children to nature.

Is that not right up my alley or what? I'm actually working on a volunteer application for the organization and I hope that I can get involved soon! I'm so excited about it!

photo via here

They also have a blog if you would like to see more of the activities that they have been up to. Click here to view REAL school garden's blog.

I love the city design on this green art display. The fuzzy looking stickers with the words LIKE and BLOG are actually bar codes that can be scanned with your phone and takes you to their facebook page and their blog. I've started noticing bar codes/blurry images in magazines and in stores so I downloaded the free app Bakodo. Now I'm like a kid running around scanning different things.

Thought this was a great idea. People signed this large banner to support and live a green lifestyle.

I love the above picture! I care about my city and my world.

The Earth Day Dallas 2011 logo...

Coal license plate on a Tesla (electric car).
Made me think of WV. <3

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our Earth Day festivities.
Thanks for reading!

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